About Us

Founded by the Thomas family, Flux Caliber  is an e-commerce store that began trading on the  28th October 2019,  The meaning behind the name Flux refers to motion, the process or action of flowing in or out. Caliber refers to quality in terms of the level of one’s experience, the quality of one's character or the level of their ability ,It can also refer to the  internal diameter or bore of a gun barrel, which in essence can also symbolize impact or force. Ironically Both meanings illustrate our ethos, and aspirations for the brand and are relevant in terms of the impact  that Flux -Caliber will continue to have as the brand evolves. We have many plans to expand the store  and will be looking to add more categories to our menu in the coming months.

Flux-Caliber  is in its infancy and  it is already making headway.  With  visitors from all over the world  expressing a great deal of interest and  for our store. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. Flux -Caliber, endeavours to source quality products, at affordable prices for  its customers.  We are focused on customer satisfaction. and welcome any enquiries you may have.


Founder /Proprietor 

Letitia Thomas


65 Pigeons Farm Road



RG19 8XD